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Sands of Time Multimedia Creations Inc. is leading the way in slideshow creativity! We are simply the best at what we do.  When you choose to order one of our slideshows, a Sands of Time Multimedia Creation's specialist will uniquely create your photo slideshow to match the personality and setting of your theme. First, we optimize your photos and videos, then we include various effects such as the popular Ken Burns pan and zoom effects, high quality graphics, different scenery, videos, various backgrounds, beautifully choreographed music, and more to create movie style slideshows that are personal, exciting, fun to watch and completely unique.

Please enjoy our sample slideshows on our sample library page and experience the difference in our wedding slideshows, graduation slideshows, birthday slideshows, anniversary slideshows, memorial slideshows, and our slideshows for every occasion!

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Graduation slideshowSomeone Once Said:

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches..." A name is only as good as the quality of the character behind the name. And our company is all about quality. We are continually researching and adding to our collection of some of the highest quality software and hardware available, so that you can have the highest quality DVD slideshow productions available on the market today. So whether you call it, "Slideshows, Video Albums, or Photomontages" Sands of Time Multimedia Creations is here for you! Your personal consultant will call or e-mail you as soon as we hear from you. We'll be there to help you each step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Call or e-mail us today!

Our Guarantee:

Our 100% guarantee policy it that you must be completely satisfied with your slideshow or we will redo your slideshow for you.*

*See section 9 of the Terms of Service.

Three Quick  Steps to Successful Slide Shows:

Make your choices & organize your photos for your photo slideshow presentations.

Mail us your pictures/videos.

Enjoy your precious memories photo montage slideshows.

Begin TodaySlideshows

Our personal consultants are here for you Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. Call us or e-mail us and we'll work together to build you your unique personalized musical photo montage slide show.


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Wow your guests from beginning to end! Check out our new slideshow additions.

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No need to worry or stress over how your slideshow is being created! We will place your slideshow online for a personal pre-viewing of your show so you can approve or make changes in your slideshow before the final production phase of placing your video on DVD format. 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal!

"My Birth Year" and "Through the Decades" can be added to any slideshow.

..1941 Birthday...........Decades...

Click here to see our detailed "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production"

..Graduation Slideshows!

PLAN AHEAD! Graduation Day will soon be here! This is a wonderful time to celebrate the life of the graduate in your life. Show him or her how proud of them you are with a slideshow of all their accomplishments from birth to graduation! A wonderful keepsake for life! As one young lady stated, "Being away from home for the first time was so hard, but whenever I missed my family and friends I would just play my slideshow and it was like they were right here with me."

Our artistically designed musical slide shows are created to capture the emotions of everyone involved.

Wedding Slideshows

Wedding slideshow productions make a great presentation at the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner and is a perfect introduction of your new spouse to all your wedding guests.

wedding slideshowSlideshows for weddings displays your lives from diapers to diamonds - birth through engagement. Your love to share with all your family and friends. Just provide us with information about your wedding - colors, flowers, etc. and we'll create a customized slideshow production to compliment your wedding theme and make your wedding day more memorable to you and your guests.

Anniversary Slideshows & Birthday Slideshows

At Sands of Time Multimedia Creations, Inc. we create spectacular anniversary and birthday slideshows for anniversary slideshow you to show at your loved ones special occasion. Surprise them with a trip down memory lane and create an heirloom that will be cherished by them and generations to come. You collect the photos and video clips and we'll do the rest! Oh... and you provide the tissues!

Family Reunion Slideshows and Class Reunion Slideshows

family reunion

What would family reunions or class reunions be without a slideshow displaying everyone's lives and accomplishments from past and present? Sound too difficult to organize? Not at all. With help from our consultants we'll show you how this can be done easily, smoothly, and painlessly. Call us today!

Where Do I Begin?

Begin by planning what is important to you and what memories you would like to make last a lifetime. Ask yourself these questions:

1. How long do you want your video album to be?

2. What do you want your video album to include-

....A. Photos that span the life of a person?
....B. Photos that focus on a specific time period of a person's life such as a reunion, wedding, vacation, specific hobby, etc?
....C. Photos that are a theme throughout a person's life such as recitals from 1st grade through 12th grade, sports, etc.

3. What kind of feel do you want to give your video slideshow? Funny? Sentimental? Nostalgic? All three?

4. What emotions do you want to stir up in your audience?

5. What songs would be best to bring out these emotions? Visit our song selection page for ideas.

6. Are captions necessary for certain pictures in order to understand the photo?

7. Is there a personal message you'd like to convey?

8. For wedding video albums would you like the bride's photos and the groom's photos to be separate or intertwined with each other?

9. After answering these questions decide which of our packages would work best for you and your special occasion.

Choose Your Package




Creating Unique SlideShows for Every Occasion.
























Slideshows for Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary - Sands of Time Multimedia Creations - Video Albums, Photo montages. Slideshows for weddings.


Experience The Difference!


Sandy,Thank you for making our Son’s wedding day even more memorable. The video was shown on the Jumbotron and monitors throughout PNC Park, which superbly enhanced both the audio and effect on everyone. The combination of entertaining, sentimental and humorous segments brought a range of emotions from laughter to tears. The presentation was simply loved by all, and will stand as a highlight of the day. We are sure that our Son and his bride will enjoy the DVD with cherished memories. Any time Kathy and I hear any music from the show, we are delightfully reminded of both the day and your video presentation.

Your attention to detail and creativity: the choreography of music with the picture presentations, the transitions, the backgrounds, and even your music suggestions, convey your uncompromising pride and love of work. A list of the items which made this such an impressive program could fill pages. In particular, though, your suggestion of how to integrate our small video clip was extremely well executed, and was an impressive start that set the standard for the remainder of the show.

Rarely do we get to appreciate talent and dedication in a permanent medium, not to mention it having been shown in a marvelous wedding environment. Thank you, Sandy, for producing such an exceptional keepsake.

Kathy and Mike

Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for helping me create a Father's Day my husband will never forget! It was the perfect gift!!! He was so touched and so moved, that he cried! And I mean cried openly!!! Like alot of men, he is very loving, but tends to keep the "softer side" of his emotions "in check." But when he watched the slideshow, he was totally open, completely vulnerable and melted like butter!!! HE LOVED IT!!!

Thanks again for helping me capture the beauty of his greatest accomplishments!!!


The Slide Show went great Sandy!. There were quite a few teary eyes. Numerous people raved about how well the slide show was done and wanted to know who did it. I appreciated your many long hours putting it together to ensure that it would be done on time. I was delighted with the quality of the slide show, extremely impressed how you never complained when I asked for major revisions even though time was extremely short and how dedicated you were through the whole process. I can’t put into words my appreciation. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would certainly not hesitate to use your services again. Thank you.


"I received this gift on a DVD one day and I plugged it into my DVD player, it has to be one of the most beautiful things I have EVER received. I must have watched it a hundred times and I cry like a baby every single time. The DVD was a gift for my retirement in United States Navy.

I don't know how the Sands of Time do it, but they are so very gifted! Words could never express how wonderful this gift makes me feel and I will treasure it forever."


"We have just returned from our daughter, Leesa's graduation from Evangel University. We honored her with a luncheon party where we showed the video presentation you made for her. She was so surprised and we all laughed and cried as we watched the precious memories of her growing up years come alive right before our eyes. You have such a unique, God-given talent for combining just the right sights and sounds to capture each special moment! I can't tell you how very pleased we are with this treasure that will only increase in value with each coming year! May God bless you as you bless others with these priceless videos."

Dan and Becky

I have seen a slideshow this company did of an outreach trip to Los Angeles. This was a truly emotional tribute to the Lord's work. The combination of gritty photos showing people in need and those seeking to help them, together with inspirational music that highlighted God's purpose in the trip, really blew me away!  This is an excellent way to encourage people to participate in future events.


“Sands of Time Multimedia Creations” created a beautiful video using many of my pictures from my wedding. I felt like I was experiencing my wedding day all over again as I watched the pictures and listened to the music. I was not able to afford a professional photographer or videographer at the wedding, but Sands of Time Multimedia Creations was able to take my amateur pictures and create something that I will cherish forever. I now have a quality product that will preserve my memories for a lifetime.

Thank you Sandy for all the hard work you put into this video. You did an excellent job!



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