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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q. I don't live in Tennessee, can you still do my slideshow?

A Absolutely!! We create slideshows for people all over the world.

2. Q. I'm a little nervous about placing my photos in the mail.

A. This is understandable. And although there is always a risk when placing anything in the mail, to this date, we have never had any photos lost or damaged in the mail. However, we cannot be responsible for mail via any mail carrier system. Here are some suggestions to help your photos arrive safely: Package your photos well and place them in zip-loc baggies. Package your photos so that they will not move around in the box. If you are sending us your pictures on CD, make a copy for yourself. We recommend priority or overnight shipping and when possible, use the mail carriers boxes that they provide (which are free), and always insure your package. Here at Sands of Time Multimedia Creations we handle your pictures as if they were our own. We leave them in the packaging until it is time to scan them and then we carefully place them back.

3. Q. If we find less expensive slideshows elsewhere, will you match prices?

A. No. We will not match prices for the same reason that if you were to find a diamond seller selling 1-carat low quality diamonds for a low price and expect a high quality diamond seller to match the price, he would never do it. We won't either because we know our slideshows are the best on the market. We have researched others, ordered DVD's from others, and we know we are putting much more care, time, and quality into our services than any of our competition. Hands down we are the best. In order to lower our prices, we would have to lessen the time we put into the slideshows which would mean low quality slideshows like what our competition is putting out. We won't place our name on anything that isn't the highest of quality. To date we have 100% customer satisfaction and the highest percentage of our customers come from repeat customers and referrals. We love making people happy, and it shows!

4. Q. What kind of payments do you accept?

A. We accept Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards, Money Orders & Cashier Checks.

5. Q. Can I send you slides or negatives to make pictures from? What is the cost for scanning?

A. Yes. We do not charge extra for scanning slides, negatives, or photos.

6. Q. Can I scan my own photos?

A. Yes, although we do not charge extra to scan your photos for you, you can choose to scan them yourself, but please use the following guidelines: 4 x 6 or larger should be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi, 3 ½ x 5 at a minimum of 400 dpi, 2 ½ x 2 ½ at a minimum of 600 dpi, any smaller than this should be at a minimum of 720 dpi. The higher the dpi, the better the quality. If too small of a dpi is used, then the picture will not look good when displayed at a large size for television screens.

7. Q. What are photo editing services?

A. Photo editing services are done to fix flawed pictures. Faded, over-exposed, scratched, torn, & yellowed pictures are restored. It also includes cropping, brightening, correcting red-eye, leveling tilted pictures and more. We include at least 1 hour of photo editing services in almost every package. You should consider ordering more if most of your photos are very old or very worn. Click Here to see examples.

8. Q. What are creative slideshow services?

A. Creative slide show services are just that - very creative! They are uniquely created for each person's slideshows to match the personality and setting of the theme. We include high quality graphics, different scenery, various backgrounds and more to create a slideshow that is extremely enjoyable and exciting to watch. This of course, is much more time consuming than the average slideshows. Here at Sands of Time Multimedia Creations we enjoy the challenge involved in creating these slideshows as we take your slideshow to the ultimate level of creativity. Please see our samples.

9. Q. Can I use my printer to print photos that are on my computer?

A. Yes, but we do not recommend this. It has been our experience that photos printed from personal computers do not print at a good enough quality and the photo paper used is normally not a high enough quality paper. Therefore, when the personally printed photo is re-scanned, it makes a visibly poor quality photo. We recommend that you simply place your photos that are on your computer onto a CD, and send us the CD. It's cheaper for you, takes much less time than printing out the photos, and you'll have much better results for your slideshow.

10. Q. How long is a video clip?

A. A video clip can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

11. Q. Can I view my slideshow in advance?

A.  Absolutely. If you have a high speed internet connection, you can view your video online. This way you can request any changes you desire to be made before the final production phase of placing your slideshow production on DVD or VHS. This ensures that you are 100% satisfied.

12. Q. Do you guarantee my slideshow to be a certain length?

A. Length vs. Quality: At Sands of Time Multimedia Creations, we do not believe that basing our shows on length is the best method to create a professional slideshow production. For example, if we promise you a 20 minute slideshow, we can give you a 20 minute slideshow. That's easy. We can make twenty photos last for 20 minutes if we want to. We can also take 300 photos and make the show 20 minutes long. But think about the quality production you would receive. The show would either be way too slow and bore your viewers to tears, or it would be so rushed through that it would lose all emotion and effect.This is why we do not base our shows or our prices on the length of the video production. Each show is uniquely made and created with each individual's needs and desires.

13. Q. What if my time length to show the video is constrained?

A.  If you have a limited time for your slideshow to be viewed, we will absolutely work with you to meet that timing deadline. Sometimes you may need to leave out some photos, or sometimes you may need to add. Either way, our consultants work closely with you to make sure all your needs are met.

14. Q. What program do you use to create your creative slideshows?

A.  Almost anyone can purchase just one program and create an ordinary slideshow. However, we do not use just one program to create our slideshows. We have invested thousands of dollars in multiple software programs and equipment that we use in combination to create our templates and our slideshows. This is why our slideshows are so unique - not your cookie-cutter slideshows.

15. Q. Can I add video or verbal messages on the slide show presentation?

AYes, just send us your messages and we will be happy to include them in your slideshow video album presentation. For best quality please place it on a DVD/VHS or any computer file type. Please do not send 8mm's.

16. Q. What about copyrighted music?

A Since almost all music has a copyright, you must supply us the original CD or we can purchase a copy from a legitimate vendor for you such as I-Tunes or Rhapsody for as little as $.99 - $1.29 per song. You must agree also, that you will not copy the DVD, and that the viewing of this is for personal use and not for resale, to be enjoyed with your family and friends at no charge. We also have royalty-free music on stock at no extra charge that we can use.

17. Q. Can I show the slideshow presentation at my wedding reception?

A Absolutely!! And what a wonderful way to introduce the bride and groom to all your family and friends! Especially those who came from miles away and may be meeting your new spouse for the very first time. We'll start your photo montage slideshow video with childhood pictures and work up to the time you met all the way to your engagement. What a beautiful way to capture your love in the hearts of all your guests.

18. Q. Do you do slide shows for other events?

A Absolutely! Birthday Slideshows, Graduation Slideshows, Retirement Slideshows, 25th Anniversary Slideshows, 50th Anniversary Slide Shows, Family Reunion Slideshows, Holiday Slide Shows,..... the list goes on. Planning is the key to any successful event so don't wait until the event, send us your pictures now. The sooner the better to guarantee the slideshow to be there for your special occasion.

19. Q. What about memorial service slideshows or funeral service slideshows?

A. Absolutely! A video slideshow is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a loved one and to keep their memory alive for future generations. (Please contact us for ideas). Overnight express or email your pictures and videos to us. Your package will be done immediately and overnight expressed back to you. And memorial slideshows are exempt from expedited slideshow service charges.

20. Q. I like all your slideshows: the traditional, traditional plus, and your creative services package. How can I decide which to order?

A. It is really a matter of personal preference:

The Traditional slideshows were created for those who like the shorter and simpler slideshows. They have a plain black background, pan & zoom effects, and fade-in, fade-out transitions. Not recommended for slideshows with over 85 photos.

The Traditional-Plus slideshows are beautiful and elegant with various transitions, pan & zoom effects, various backgrounds and a beautiful introduction. Traditional-Plus slideshows work with any amount of photos and creates a beautiful slideshow for any occasion. These are our most popular slideshows.

The Creative styles are filled with everything listed above plus more. They flow with creativity from the beginning to the end. As one person stated,  "Your creative slideshows are like an amusement park for the eyes!" The creative slideshows will end up being a little longer because of all the added graphics. Creative style slideshows work with any amount of photos and are highly recommended when you have over 175 photos.

Every slideshow we make is beautifully synchronized to your selected music so no matter which slideshow style you choose the end results are always beautiful, stunning and highly emotional!

21. Q. How do I begin?

A. Click here to see our "12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production".

If your question was not answered please click Here to go to our contact page.


Unique Slideshows. Stunning Graduation Slideshows, Wedding Slideshows, View our samples and experience the difference. Sands of Time Multimedia Creations Inc. Sands of Time Slideshows.

Experience The Difference!


"I just wanted to write and tell you that I was truly touched by the fabulous job you did on my daughter's rehearsal dinner slideshow. I expected to really like it, but you far exceeded my expectations. My husband totally concurs. I anticipate this as being an emotional highlight of the wedding. You captured the essence of both Kristin and Mike through this beautiful journey... so artfully depicted and coordinated with the music. I feel blessed to have found you and please use me as a highly enthusiastic endorser of your work. It is obvious that you really care about what you do...".

Gratefully yours,


"You did such a wonderful presentation for the Steele family. Your talent is phenomenal and it blessed many at the funeral."


The slideshow I was given for my birthday was one of the nicest presents I have ever received! I was deeply moved by the photos that spanned two decades of my life. The musical presentation that accompanied the photos was perfectly timed and captured the essence of each moment in the picture. I have watched it countless times and have shown it to many people. They are always impressed by the quality of work. It is fun to watch and a great way to preserve the nostalgic moments that make up life.

Debbie C.


You wowed us!! We were so very impressed with the video you produced for our parents' 60th Anniversary. Thank you for assembling a package full of wonderful memories. - Ellie


Rachael and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful slide show.  We were so pleased with how it turned out and there was a lot of positive response from our family and friends.  It definitely exceeded my expectations.

Thank you,
Blake & Rachael


Just wanted to let you know that the DVD of was a masterpiece.  Everyone enjoyed it so much, especially the way you put together her dancing sequence. There were lots of chuckles and oos and aahs.  The energy was electric in the room while the slide show was on. What a treasure!  I will cherrish it.

Thank you. the Daddy,


I just want to say thanks again for producing such a high quality and creative video for my parents. My dad was very surprised and our guests really enjoyed watching the video during dinner. It got rave reviews! If you ever need me to be a reference for future clients, I'll be happy to do so. Again, many thanks on a job well done!!



My husband and I viewed the video and all we can say is WOW! We were so overjoyed. My hubby was crying and that is not an easy thing to make happen! You put together everything so perfectly with the music. Just awesome. The special effects were so wonderful and tied in to the pictures. We can not wait for everyone to see this and we think it will be the highlight of the evening! You'd better send me a few business cards to put out with the video because Im sure people will ask...

Thank you,




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