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"12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production,""Slideshow Productions,"
"Slideshows for Wedding Receptions," "Wedding Slide Show Productions,""Slideshow, Slide show, Photomontage, Photo Montage, Video Album – Which is it"Planning the Perfect Slideshow Production," "Create Memories with an “Annual Family Slideshow Party” Tradition,""Video Production Explained,""Valentine’s Day Slideshow Production,"

Christmas Slideshows - Share your life with the ones you love.

Christmas Slideshow 1DU, Christmas Slideshow 1C
Christmas Slideshow 2DU, Christmas Slideshow 2C
Christmas Slideshow 3DU, Christmas Slideshow 3C
Christmas Slideshow 4DU, Christmas Slideshow 4C
Christmas Slideshow 5DU, Christmas Slideshow 5C
Christmas Slideshow 6DU, Christmas Slideshow 6C
Christmas Slideshow10DU, Christmas Slideshow 10C
Christmas Book DU, Christmas Book C
Christmas Book 2DU, Christmas Book 2C
Christmas Box DU, Christmas Box C

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Extras - Credits - Wow your guests from beginning to end!

Credit Extra 1C, Credit Extra 1DU
Credit Extra 2C, Credit Extra 2DU
Credit Extra 3C, Credit Extra 3DU
Credit Extra 4C, Credit Extra 4DU
Credit Extra 5C, Credit Extra 5DU
Credit Extra 6C, Credit Extra 6DU
Credit Extra 7C, Credit Extra 7DU
Credit Extra 8C, Credit Extra 8DU
Credit Extra 9C, Credit Extra 9DU
Credit Extra 10C, Credit Extra 10DU
Credit Extra 11C, Credit Extra 11DU
Credit Extra 12C, Credit Extra 12DU

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25th C, 25th DU
Anniversary C, Anniversary DU
Baby C, Baby DU
Becky's Song C, Becky's Song DU
Birthday C, Birthday DU,
Christmas Samples
Father's Day C, Father's Day DU,
Father's Day Creative C, Father's Day Creative DU
Graduation C, Graduation DU
Opening 1C, Opening 1DU
Slide show camp sample C, Slide show camp sample DU,
Slide show sport sample 2C, Slide show sport sample 2 DU
Special Occasion 1C, Special Occasion 1DU
Special Occasion 2C, Special Occasion 2DU
Traditional Plus
Vacation 1C, Vacation 1DU
Wedding Memories 1C, Wedding Memories 1DU

Song Sugestions - Songs for every occasion.

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"12 Steps to a Successful Slideshow Production".

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